Welcome to MPCOA || Hostel AVAILABLE @ only Rs. 10,000/- Per YEAR

OPAC (Online Public Access Catelog)


Information is the bloodline of the future. It lies at the core of research and forms the mainstay of learning. VPPMPCOA shall ensure that students have access to almost inexhaustible sources of information. The well stocked central library has a wealth of information on myriad subjects.

Key Features:
  • Collection of more than 320 books
  • Subscribes 08 newspapers (05 English and 03 Marathi)
  • Access to EBSCO Art & Architecture
  • Architecture Library, E-Granthalay‐All Society Periodicals e‐package EBSCO eBooks
  • Open access system for all students and staff
  • Reading room
  • Barcode based issue/return facility
  • Photocopy facility
  • Fully computerized catalogue search facility available to users through internet
  • Ample of reference books
  • Book bank scheme for needy (Social Welfare) (B.C. Cell)
  • Digital library made available
  • E-Books available for download

The pressures of a highly demanding curriculum can get to even the best of the students. This is the time for you to mix with other students in the same boat. The diversity provides an exciting and stimulating environment fi¬lled with fun and relaxation. The cosmopolitan environment provides opportunities to appreciate and understand other cultures and languages..


There are several Clubs and Associations like Adventure, Dance, Debate, Dramatics, E-Cell, Fashion, Festival, Innovation, Literary, Music, Movies and Short Films, Public Speaking, Photography, Align-inside-out, Social and Theatre. Apart from these all activities are conducted as per COA norms.

  • Cricket Coaching Academy
  • Yoga Practise for harmony by Yoga Guru Neeraj Singh
  • NSS Activities
  • Inter College Tech Fest
  • Inter College Cultural Fest
  • Eco Club for green environment
  • ISEP – International Student Exchange Program Initiated to broaden the students horizon & global cultural awareness through interaction with the professional experts across globe by going abroad
Contact Us: +9122 20847229, +91 9819-595-861